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Hey there, how do you do? The recent year was not in favor of travelers; in fact, it was not even in favor of doing groceries, lol. That deadly virus was always ready to attack us. But fortunately, now we are prepared to fight back with COVID-19 by getting vaccinated. Many of the touring sites are now open for adventure hunters. Now you can go out there and enjoy the beauty of nature.

If you are thinking of going out for holidays, you will be needing a consistent power supply. Even if you are working from home, you can still go for an outing. It is true that the power of our RV is not enough to supply power to all your belongings, which can include cell phones, laptops, air conditioners, or a refrigerator. So, you should be prepared for it.

We have written this article to inform you of the methods you can use to maintain the electric supply, just read on and prepare the checklist.


Consequences of a power outage


If you are in your home or away from a power outage is not a good condition. Your phone can run out of battery, or you can even lose important data on your laptop due to a lack of power. In summer the air conditioner will not work.

As now most of us are working from home, a consistent power supply is necessary. Because we need to communicate with our colleagues frequently, and even if you are going camping in your RV, you will need non-stop power supply to enjoy your trip without any worry.


There are many other side effects of a power outage. So, you should prepare yourself for it. 


Importance of consistent power supply while camping


A traveler should have a consistent power supply. Initially, you may not think of going too far from the city. But when you start the adventure, the plans can change. This consistent electric supply will keep your communication devices charged, which helps you to make immediate contact in case of emergency.


Moreover, during an adventure, it is necessary to capture the fun and amazing moments. How will you capture them if your smartphone or camera dies? So, you must be prepared for all the conditions. Read on to find out the solutions. 


Precautions for preparing for a power outage


Are you looking for the best methods to prepare for a power outage? If yes, then you are reading the right article. As an RV driver, you will know that the personal power of an RV is not enough for all the appliances. You do need some extra backup to keep the things lit. Following are the points that will help you to prepare for an electric supply shortage.


Purchase a portable power station


If you have some budget in your pocket, you should purchase a portable power station. It is the perfect backup of electric supply while traveling. It will keep your things alive for as long as you need. Moreover, a power station can become a perfect alternate of generators. A power station is quieter than a generator. 


But which power station is reliable? Currently, Bluetti AC50S 500Wh is one of the best options. You can use it while travelling or even at home. This product of Bluetti will not disappoint you. Let’s have a look at some of its features



  • This power station is smaller in design, and it also weighs less
  • It consumes no fumes and generates zero voice, a perfect alternative for heavy and noisy generators
  • Its power is 12V.
  • You can charge your drones, phones, laptops, camera equipment, and many other things with this power generator.


Always keep all the emergency equipment


It is not wise to run around looking for necessities in an unfamiliar place. You should keep all the emergency things in your RV. These things will not only save your time, but they will also help you to save lives in case of emergency. If you have Bluetti AC50S 500Wh in your RV, then you will not need any other backup, but you should be prepared.

Make a list of the following equipment and keep them in your RV. 



  • First aid kit
  • An additional car charger to keep your phones alive
  • Battery operated fans 
  • Battery-powered radio and an NOAA Weather Radio
  • Tool kit 
  • Solar generator


Moreover, don’t forget the following as they are also important. 



  • Dry shampoo
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Flashlights 
  • Some cash
  • Extra masks


Keep all of these objects in a reachable place. Moreover, all of your family members must know where you have placed them. 


If you are travelling after a long time, make sure that your emergency kit has all the latest tools. If it has outdated ones, you should replace them. 


Maintaining power 


If you think that you don't have enough power for your appliances, then don't worry, there is also a solution for that. Keep the following points in your mind if such a situation arises.



  • Don’t over use the LED lights. Use them only for the need. 
  • Same applies for the furnace; use it when it is necessary.
  • Do not use the air conditioner in this condition; go for the battery-powered fans.
  • Use your refrigerator on propane
  • Always turn off the water pump and water heater when you’re not using them
  • Always unplug the electronics like TV or stereo
  • It is wise to use an outdoor stove, grill, or oven rather than a microwave or countertop appliance.


Power outages in America


Power outages are a major issue in many parts of the United States. You will not only face power outages while camping, but you can also face them while at home. Always keep a plan in mind for such situations.

There are many reasons for the electricity shortage. Let’s learn about some of the major issues of power shortage. 


Natural disasters


Severe weather conditions can cut your power supply. But this is not the only natural cause that will stop the power. Floods, mudslides, wildfires, and even earthquakes can dismantle the whole electric supply within seconds.


Tsunamis can also damage transmission lines and transformers. Depending on the place, volcano eruptions can also take part in it. Such natural disasters can break the power supply for weeks or even months. So, you should have a perfect backup plan like Bluetti AC50S 500Wh.


Accidents near power lines


A car accident can break the local power supply. A car may lose its balance and crash into a utility pole which will cut the power in that area. Such an incident will cause a power outage in a particular area. These incidents are very rare, but they will disturb the regular flow for at least hours.


High demand less supply 


There can be some times when the power cuts, even on clear sunny days or peaceful nights. Why does that happen? 


Usually, it happens because people can consume a lot of power in a particular area. Which can exceed the limit of the power supply; thus, the power goes out. For instance, on summer days, millions of people will use air conditioners at the same time. Thus, the power exceeds the limits and results in a blackout.  


Planned power outage


The utility companies can also cut the power supply intentionally. Normally they do that for routine power maintenance. 


Other times they do that to fill the gap of demand and supply. If there is not enough power to fulfill the needs of the public, the company will cut the supply to fill this gap.  


This type of power outage varies from country to country. For instance, in South Africa, their power outage occurs frequently, and this power shortage is known as load shedding.


Equipment failure 

Majority of technological equipment will fail at some point. It can be either old, or some other damage can occur. Due to these issues, the transformers can stop giving power, resulting in a random power outage. One cannot know when a piece of equipment is going to fail, so you should be prepared for such situations.




Trees are not the common cause of power outages, but they can become one. High wind or heavy snow build-up can cause a tree to fall on power lines in your area, which leads to a blackout.


Summing things up


Through this article, it may now be clear that power outages can happen almost everywhere. Either you are in your office, home or you're enjoying holidays in your RV. So, you must be prepared for such situations. Either you should have a good generator or a power station just like Bluetti AC50S 500Wh.


This power station is perfect for giving life to your 12V accessories, including phones, laptops, and more. It is not noisy and does not consume fumes. Moreover, you can carry it anywhere as it weighs less. 


Well, that was it from our article, leave a comment below and tell us about your thoughts. Thank you!

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