The Ultimate Review of Bluetti AC50S Solar Portable Power Station

The Ultimate Review of Bluetti AC50S Solar Portable Power Station


No matter what the reason for your love of camping is, whether it is to enjoy the wilderness or to escape the impending collapse of society, you'll need some electrical power. That’s where a solar portable power station comes in handy.

A good solar power station should be light, capable of powering small appliances, and feature a solar charge controller in case you're planning to spend some time camping. A light for emergencies would complete this package.

Almost everyone uses a power bank to charge their smartphones, laptops, etc. Nevertheless, these power banks are usually not large enough to power whole homes during a power outage. It is for that reason that Bluetti AC50S came into existence; this is a unique portable power station. Solar power charging features, as well as other cool features, make this an excellent choice.

Bluetti AC50S Solar Portable Power Station  300 W / 500 Wh Review

A high-capacity lithium solar generator, Bluetti AC50S, can generate 500Wh/300W (peak 450W). There are two AC120V US outlets (pure sine wave), two DC12V outlets - 3A, and one DC12V outlet - 9A. One of the USB ports is PD 45W Type-C USB, and it comes with four USB-A ports.  It also includes 12-volt regulation, MPPT, wireless charging, 45-watt pure sine-wave, LED lighting, and a cigarette lighter.



What’s Inside the Box?

In comparison to the traditional portable power stations available in the marketplace, the Bluetti AC50s is an almost 2x larger and almost twice as powerful, 500Wh/300W power station. Below are the accessories included with the Maxoak Bluetti AC50s.

  1. One Bluetti Portable Power Station
  2. Cable & AC Adapter
  3. The Cigarette Lighter Cable (DC7909 Connector Male to Cigarette Port) comes in one piece.
  4. Cable for MC4 connector to DC 7909 male (MC4 cable).
  5. Plug-in Type-C USB cable
  6. A user's manual 
  7. One service card

Design of Bluetti AC50S

In terms of size and weight, the Bluetti AC50S is at the extreme of what one could consider easily portable, measuring 11.6 x 7.7 x 7.7 inches and weighing 13.5 lbs. Two convenient handles extend from the top of the device when in use and fold flat when not in use. The device has vents that cover its cooling fans on both of its smaller sides.

This AC50S is topped with a thin blue rubber bumper at the corners for extra protection, and it is secured with four rubber feet to prevent damage during outdoor camping trips. Considering its size in comparison to your legs or waist, it should also be less painful when knocked into while carrying it.

Rubber bumpers will not give you the same level of protection as real ruggedization, however. AC50S battery packs should not be immersed in water, thrown in a fire, pierced, shot, dropped off cliff edges, or fed to bears. Additionally, it is not waterproof at all because of the multi-pin sockets and cooling grills. Although it is reportedly made of flame retardant plastic, you shouldn't have any problems placing it near a campfire. It shouldn't be too close, though.

Four USB-A ports have a maximum current limit of 3A each. A single USB-C powered port sits above them, running at a maximum of 45W. While this is less power than most laptops consume at full speed, it should be enough to carry out light tasks or to charge with the lid closed (if you forgot to bring your AC adaptor). On the right of the display, you will find two small barrel-jack DC ports, each running at 12V, 3A. 

Display of Bluetti AC50S

An LCD with a clear dual-color display shows the amount of remaining battery in five segments (20 percent increments for each), as well as the current wattage coming into the device and going out, shown separately for AC and DC inputs. The information here does allow you to make a quick calculation of how long the battery will last, even if you won't reach the maximum 300 watts if you're only charging laptops or smartphones.

Performance of Bluetti AC50S 

The Bluetti AC50S is easy to operate, compact, and packed with powerful features – such as an emergency light and wireless charging – without compromising on quality. If we could only find one complaint about the AC50S, it would be that the converter allows for only 300W continuous power, with a 450W peak, so certain appliances won't work.

Among the unique features of Maxoak Bluetti AC50s are the provisions for charging smartphones, laptops, small appliances, and other power-hungry devices simultaneously, which is helpful during power outages, as well as in our everyday lives.

A wireless charger of 10W is built into the power station, so you do not need to worry about cables. This wireless charging feature enables you to charge your devices without wires. In addition to that, this power station comes with a 2-year warranty and a BMS (Battery Management System) that protects against short circuits along with other functions for safety.

Battery Capacity

Maxoak Bluetti AC50s uses a large Ternary Lithium NMC Nickel-Manganese Cobalt Cell, which is rated at 500wh/300W and weighs one pound. Batteries with this kind of life cycle have a shelf life of 3-6 months, which is quite good since you don't have to charge them often.

Tech Specifications of Bluetti AC50S

  1. The AC adapter charges at 42V/160W
  2. Charger with solar power (optional): Max input power 120W (charging time is approximately 3.5 hours in ideal conditions).
  3. Voltage range for MPPT (solar) input: 14-40VDC
  4. Output Voltage (Inverter): 110/220v 50/60 Hz Pure Sine Wave via 2 x AC sockets
  5. Continuous power output (inverter): 300W
  6. 450W Output Power Overload (Inverter)
  7. DC voltage output (5521 type port): 1 x Regulated 12VDC (5 Amps)
  8. The ignition port (DC) is powered by one 12V DC regulator (10 Amps)
  9. Four USB outputs at five volts and three amps
  10. There are five USB Type-C outputs: 5V3A, 9V3A, 12V3A, 15V3A, 20V2.25A.
  11. The dimensions of this product are 295 x 191 x 195 mm
  12. Batteries with a capacity of 400 Watts-Hour
  13. Weight of 6.2Kg
  14. Charging temperature range: 0 to 40 Deg C / Discharging temperature range: -20 to 60 Deg C.

Bluetti AC50S: What can it Power?

You can use the Bluetti AC50S on your weekend trip or as a backup system at home.  The Bluetti's fast charging time allows you to top off your battery before you leave on a weekend trip or leave it plugged in at home to keep essential appliances running in an emergency. Bluetti AC50S can power the following gadgets:

  1. 42+ Recharges for the iPhone X smartphone
  2. Recharges for normal drones: 18+
  3. Laptop (60 watts): 7+ Recharges
  4. Mini refrigerator (40 watts) - 10+ hours
  5. A LED Lantern Light (10Watt Power) can be used for 17 hours
  6. Medical Device (60 Watt): 6+Hour Usage
  7. Air Pump (40 Watt Power) 10-Hour Use
  8. 80+ recharges for the GoPro Sports Action camera

How Long Will It Take to Charge Bluetti AC50S?

There is an AC wall charger included, which has a power rating of 90W, so it should take approximately six to seven hours to charge. Included in the box is a USB charging cable that can be plugged into your car's 12V port to charge it. A maximum of 120W of solar input is possible with an open-circuit voltage of 40V. Even though MC4 solar connectors for industry-standard installation are included, this limitation means most static panels (such as those from a rooftop installation) cannot be used. 

In ideal conditions, the SP120 could be able to power the AC50S in four to five hours, substantially faster than the AC adaptor. But as a result of cloud cover, the angle of the sun, and other factors, it may require six hours or more to complete. The Bluetti AC50S can be charged and discharged simultaneously without issue.

What is the battery life of the AC50S?

Dividing the battery's capacity (500Wh) by your power demand can help you determine how long the AC50S battery will last. CPAP machines with 50W of power can be run for about 10 hours. If you're not sure what amount of power it's using, plug the device in the AC50S will display the amount of power it is using so you can figure it out. This value may vary. 

What makes Bluetti AC50S so unique?

  1. The device can be charged by an AC/Solar/Auto adapter for 6-7Hrs (90W AC Adapter Included) and by a 120W Solar Panel for 4-5Hrs.
  2. Plate for charging wirelessly
  3. The USB-Type C output provides 45W of power for fast charging of devices like laptops and smartphones.
  4. A regulation of DC12V outputs ('car-igniter' type and '5521' type)
  5. A module that works as a maximum power point tracker (MPPT) for solar charging that will speed up charging processes by up to 40%.
  6. Featuring a management system that prevents overcharging, overcurrent, and short-circuiting, this Ternary Lithium NMC Nickel-Manganese Cobaltbattery is ultra-safe.
  7. Lights with LEDs and SOS function
  8. It is highly durable and resistant due to its soft glue design and superior flame-retardant material


Maxioak Bluetti AC50s is a feature-packed product that every household must have. These power stations can be used indoors and outdoors and have all the features necessary to be used in any home. Order it now.






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